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SouleMusic offers commissioned music, perfectly matched to you as a couple. Reflecting your personality, wedding theme, or even ethnic heritage.
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How this works
. Choose from a single processional to a full suite, from a piano solo to an orchestral work—or most anything in between. Each piece is custom-composed and copyrighted guaranteeing that your specific themes will endure, never to be duplicated.

Don’t know where to begin? Contact us for an initial consultation, where SouleMusic learns your style, your character, the details of your wedding day—all of which help determine the musical elements.

With this information, SouleMusic creates musical sketches of your compositions. You then give feedback on the themes before the pieces are completed.

One month prior to the wedding, SouleMusic provides a finished CD and score, to be performed by the musicians of your choice.

The entire process takes from two to six months, depending on the amount and type of music you need.

Contact us for more information
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Our Pricing/Packages
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Three of our standard packages are described below; we can also work with you to create a package that suits your needs and budget.  Prices can vary depending on your requirements—instrumentation, length, etc.  For samples and definitions of the composition types, click here

Each package includes:
. Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, using the couple's name in the title(s)
. A digitally-mastered CD recording of the piece(s)
. Sheet music of the piece(s)

Single Composition
. Any one piece of music: Prelude, Attendant Processional, Bridal Processional, Ceremony Piece or Recessional, composed by Charles Soule
. Available individually or added to another package below

Classic Suite
. Three pieces of music: Attendant Processional, Bridal Processional and Recessional, composed by Charles Soule
. Designed using common themes that echo throughout the suite

Full Suite
. Five pieces of music: Prelude, Attendant Processional, Bridal Processional, Ceremony Interlude and Recessional, composed by Charles Soule
. Designed to create a consistent mood for the entire ceremony, with repeated themes and complementary textures

Prices vary depending on scope, quantity and/or location:
. Hand-engraved scores - see sample
. Multiple CDs for use as reception favors
. Assistance locating and preparing musicians for performance
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